I've recently updated my collection of fancy LotusScript libraries (see here) with a new tool for reading the contents of file-based design elements, such as image resources, stylesheets, XPages and Composite Applications -- anything that has a $FileData item in the design note. This lets you, for instance, read the XML source out of an XPage, manipulate it, and put it back with changes. Because there's not yet a "descriptive" DXL notation for some of these design elements, the code contains logic to read the CD records in the binary data and extract out just the file data. Domino Designer plugins can access design element contents by using the Eclipse IFile interface, but there was not previously a way to do this in agents and client applications.

This release of the toolkit also includes an updated version of the StringDiff tool for finding the differences between two pieces of text; the new version lets you optionally enable "moved block" detection, so you can tell which parts of the text are new content vs. just having been moved around. This could, for instance, be used for assigning partial author credit on blog entries by comparing versions to see how much text the latest author added.

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