OpenNTF July Webinar: Hear the Latest from the User Groups!

Graham Acres | 4 weeks ago | Comments
OpenNTF July Webinar: Hear the Latest from the User Groups!

The OpenNTF Webinar series continues in July. Join us to hear from the organizers of many of the user groups that take place all over the world. This fast paced webinar will include what all the user groups have been doing and what their future plans are in this COVID world. Our lineup includes:

  • DNUG (Germany) - Daniel Reichelt and Andreas Weinbrecht
  • Let's Connect (Worldwide) - Wannes Rams and Maria Nordin
  • Rnug (Russia) - Ivan Kuzmenkov and Vladislav Tatarincev
  • HCL Factory Tour - Tim Clark
  • Collabsphere (US) - Richard Moy
  • NCug (Scandinavia) - Hogne Bo Pettersen
  • Sutol (Czech Republic) - Jan Valdman
  • Engage (EU) - Theo Heselmans
  • C3UG (Canada) - Graham Acres

This webinar will take place on Thursday, July 23 at 11:00 AM US Eastern (3:00 PM GMT). To register, go to:

To see information on our previous webinars, click the Webinars tab on our Interact With Us page.

New Language on OpenNTF Snippets

Paul S Withers | 1 month ago | Comments
About eighteen months ago we relaunched XSnippets as OpenNTF Snippets with expanded languages and scalability for the future. Building on that, we've added a new language Javascript (Volt), for you to add snippets of JavaScript for use in HCL Volt apps. These may not be relevant for low-code developers and citizen developers to add. But it may be something that a mid-code developer can add into an existing Volt application to add value for their business users or set up in a starter application for their business users. We want OpenNTF to be the "go-to place" for the HCL Volt community, as it has been over the years for the Domino community. We're already speaking to HCL about various initiatives, so stay tuned. As part of that, there will be opportunities for our community to get involved in a variety of capacities.

OpenNTF June Webinar: What's New at HCL

Paul S Withers | 2 months ago | Comments
OpenNTF June Webinar - What's New at HCL?

Learn what is new at HCL and the Digital Solutions products! Find out the latest news and what HCL has planned in this exciting webinar on June 18th at 11:00 am EST (3pm GMT).

  • Welcome to the OpenNTF Webinar - Howard Greenberg and Graham Acres
  • Top of Mind, what's new at HCL Digital Solutions - Richard Jefts, HCL
  • What's New from the Digital Solutions Labs - Jason Gary, HCL
  • Domino, Notes, and Volt Update - Andrew Manby, HCL
  • Sametime Update - Ginni Saini, HCL
  • Connections Update Danielle Baptiste, HCL
  • Digital Experience Update - David Strachen, HCL
  • Questions and Answers - Everyone

To register go to:

You can also access the recording of our last webinar in May 2020 "Spotlight on OpenNTF Projects" at